Be A Leading Player Of Punctum Game From Points Of You

Punctum uses vibrant and believed invoking images, life-skills subjects and powerful concerns to create a lively environment of learning and growth. The experience performs on the inter-connection between the image, term and concerns to move the player’s existing thoughts and feelings on situations and problems into new possibilities.

Punctum game is basically designed for relationships and it is from Points of You. It takes you from old viewpoints to the discovery of new viewpoints through an interesting range of actions. It motivates, entertains and pleasures by developing an exclusive probability to stop for short efforts and consider the options. You just need to increase teambuilding.

The punctum game performs on the connection between images, terms and concerns and how they correspond with the players/team/clients regarding a particular individual or expert problem. Limitless actions concentrate on developing an exclusive probability to stop for a few months, analyze your viewpoint and discover new viewpoints. In Punctum there are no champions or no winners, no factors and no competitors. Ultimately, Points of You introduced the game which is absolutely and perfect game for all; moreover they have given online life coaching tools to get expert for it.

Each picture card is open to a globe of understanding and teambuilding. Play it alone, in a team or with close relatives. It’s synchronicity will surprise you!

Kit includes:

33 Photo Cards

33 Word Cards

33 Question Cards

An Statement Card

Layout process chart

User guide

With this game you can have following tools:

Pause: Take a time-out to check in with yourself, your team or customers.

Expand: In every situation, there are countless opinions. The challenge is to observe lifestyle and various problems from a different viewpoint.

Connect: Connect in an genuine, romantic & non-judgemental manner with close relatives, friends, employees & customers... but most significantly, with yourself.

Focus: Come up with new ideas & determine actions for the future.

To get best player for this game Point of You also introduced training and development. You can attend it to be the most successful and leading player of this game.

This game is an enjoyable, thought-provoking activity that allows us to take a time-out, stop from the daily smash and look at lifestyle from another viewpoint. It can be used for social reasons as a fun, beneficial, non-judgmental activity for a team, or as a tool for self improvement that enables going greatly into significant problems in our lives relationships, career, being a parent and more analyzing them from new viewpoints and opinions that vary from those we already know. It can be played single, with one other player, or in a team. With this game, every individual is a champion. For your help you can deal with training and development as well as life coaching tools.

So, let’s yourself enjoy with Punctum game. There is a certification program for same as. It is not compulsory to attend; however, if you go with it then there are more chances to get most leading player of this game. This game is designed for group as well as individual person. It will not harm any relationship as well.