Enjoy A Real Shopping Experience At The Online Virtual Mall In Dubai

Visiting huge shopping malls is an experience by itself. The number of shops, the huge stock of products and crowd doing their marketing there can truly overwhelm you. You can spend hours on end going from one shop to another just looking at the products and buying nothing. Window shopping at these malls can be quite exhausting. You can talk to the sales persons, get whatever information you want and move to the next shop to continue with your knowledge gathering journey. You can have cups of coffee, snacks and other eatables to maintain your energy.

The features of huge shopping malls of big cities of the world have been incorporated in the shopping mall known as virtual shopping mall. It is not a physical shopping mall at all. Rather it is a three-dimensional model of an online shopping mall that gives you an actual feeling of being in a physical shopping mall. The characteristic of this shopping mall is that it combines the experiences of online shopping with the experience of visiting a shopping mall in real life. When you enter the shopping mall, you will be shown a 2D-map that depicts the location of the ground floor, the first floor and the business tower.

You can see the various shops on each floor of Virtual mall, and you can choose any of them to find out about the products being sold by the shop.  You can talk to the sales persons as if you are talking to a real sales person in a real shop in a real shopping mall. You can get all information you need regarding this shop and the products it sells by visiting it. On the left-hand side of the homepage, you can see the list of shops that are presently operating on this floor. If you click on the store or shop, you want to visit then you will be directed to the main page of the shop.

A panoramic view of the shop is given here, and you can move in any direction you want to as you browse through the products offered by the shop. On the left side of the main page of the shop, you will find a list of items that are sold by this shop. These products are categorized into different groups. Links like “Contact Us”, “Chat”, “Send Private Message”, “About”, “Gallery” and “Send SMS” have been provided to help you do as you wish. From this page, you can send an SMS to know more about the products.

Four tabs in the middle of the home page of the Mall give information about the shop and the products that are available in the shop. You can access the shops of Virtual ecommerce with the help of this service. An image gallery gives the pictures of the shop and how to contact the salespersons of the shop.  At the top of the Home page below the 2D-map are four tabs that can provide the features of the shopping mall. List of products is available in the shopping mall the shops that are there in the shopping mall.