We are living in such a fantastic era where we are packed up with the best entertainment options. Yes, today we can expect to have everything around us including – lots of entertainment.

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You must be using Facebook to connect with your friends, right? Well, apart from chatting over the Facebook, one can expect to play amazing games which are the best to try and get a complete peace of mind. Yes, here we will talk about the best 6 social casino games on Facebook, will give you a great time. Even, you can invite your friends to play up the same as well as get great bonuses and gifts- will definitely give you a great time for sure.

 Would you like to know more about Best Social Casino Apps 2016? Well, here is the list, which will give you complete knowledge on the same as well as don’t forget joining the suggested source will let you know everything in-depth. Here is the list of the online games, which one must think to enjoy to the fullest-

Heart of Vegas

This is the free facebook social casino game, which is very famous and will give you great platform to enjoy the fullest. This game doesn’t need any kind of introduction at all because of its popularity, thus, you should definitely think about the play up the same. This game is all about Free Facebook Slots will give all to play 24/7 and even one can think about to play for real picking up local casino club and pub.

Doubledown casino

This is again the best slots game which is free to play on Facebook. One can expect playing the same with over 1 million players per day and give amazing platform to get great fun and excitement. Be a part of the same and ready to play massive jackpots, millions of competitions and free chip bonuses will surely give you a great feel.

House of fun

This is again one of the best Social Casino Games, where one can easily expect to lots and unparalleled games, including- lady bugs, chieftless, Aztec and other various games will surely give you a great time.

Texas Hold’ Em

This is again a free facebook poker, which needs NO introduction at all. If you have never experienced the same, better move ahead with the same and get ready to play huge tournaments, hundreds of cash related game tables, nice gaming concept, million of monthly users and everything else.

Apart from this, don’t forget other games like- Jackpot party casino slots, Caesar’s casino and other various sorts of games which can easily and freely be played from the Facebook.