General Contractor Tips - Lessons in Bathroom Lighting

A single light over the mirror or sink doesn't provide benefit in all the ways we use the bathroom. There should be ample light to enhance various activities like shaving, applying makeup, showering with other lighting installed specifically to enhance mood.


Task Lighting


Task lighting should get top consideration because it's what we use most often in the bathroom environment. Vanity lighting comes in first because this light works the hardest to illuminate the facial features and areas which we apply the most attention during our daily rituals. For the best lighting, go with fixtures parallel to the vanity or mirror as these shine evenly across the face. Avoid recessed lighting above is it casts downward shadows.


Task lighting in the shower is rarely considered and oft-overlooked. It may not be necessary in small bathrooms, especially where a clear glass door is present but even still, a recessed light or covered light in the shower can provide the additional lighting needed if you perform a lot of your tasks in the shower - and they're easy for your general contractor to install. These types of fixtures work well over a bath and toilet area as well.


Ambient Lighting


A good general Lighting Contractor Los Angeles can often recommend good design ideas for additional lighting that helps set the mood of your bathroom. What you want to avoid is that cold, utilitarian look that too many bathrooms sport. Think creatively when it comes to your ambient lighting. A chandelier might be nice, but add flair with things like thin rope lighting along the back of trim to accent your architecture, or in corners to create a soft glowing perimeter.


Accent Lighting


Accent lighting is often used in designs by a general contractor and homeowner to highlight specific pieces of architecture (fireplace, moulding) or other features (artwork and design pieces). Recessed spotlights are easy to include in the bathroom and can help highlight a restful area (like a nook for reading neat the tub) or combined with shower lighting in a way to accent the decorative tile-work.


The Finishing Touches


The general contractor is there to get the design and angles right for you, but it's up to you as the homeowner to create the right glow with your lighting. That means deciding whether or not you want to use dimmers and what kind of bulbs you'll be using. The general contractor can help with the dimmer but the bulbs are in your court. Crisp white will render your skin most accurately and a good halogen bulb sets the gold standard for lighting your bathroom space. Choose wisely and you'll create the perfect mood lighting and task lighting for your newly remodeled bathroom.


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