Maintenance for Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems


If they are bent, this will prevent the ac unit from working as efficiently as it can. Inside cooling lines can easily form ice if dirt and debris keep air from circulating freely. By changing the filter, however, you can substantially reduce the chances of that happening.


The evaporator coil in the outdoor unit can also freeze and fail to keep your home cool if it is blocked by debris. Keep it clear of debris such as grass, weeds, leaves and anything else that may cause a lack of circulation. You should also spray down the outdoor unit with a garden hose every couple of months to keep it clean. This will help ensure that the compressor does not overheat, which could cause irreparable damage to the system.


Another important thing that you can do to help keep your air conditioning system running smoothly is to schedule a yearly maintenance appointment with a professional. A technician can come to your home and check your system from top to bottom. This will include checks of refrigerant levels, all electrical connections, and all mechanical parts.


It is not difficult to take the steps needed to make sure that your mini split ductless system continues to work as it should for a long time. However, failure to follow proper maintenance procedures could lead to breakdowns that can be very expensive to fix. Talk to a professional to learn more about how to ensure your system will continue to keep you cool and comfortable in your home or office.


Most problems that people face with air conditioners can be solved by Air Conditioning Maintenance Los Angeles and cleaning. A regular cleaning of the air conditioner grille and filter helps to increase its longevity and make it more efficient at cooling. Sometimes particle aggregation inside the air filter chokes the ducts and makes the air conditioner ineffective. This can be solved by a simple cleaning of the air filter.


The common problems with air conditioners are faulty cooling, collection of water pools below the air conditioner, rattling sounds when the unit is shutting down, dysfunctional temperature control, etc. Some of these problems can be repaired by the owners themselves without calling for technical help. The air conditioner manual carries solutions to minor problems which can be easily implemented.


Before attempting Air Conditioner Repairs, it is most important to turn the power off. Removing the grille is an easy task, but care should be taken if the fan is attached to the grille as in some central cooling systems. Also, no wires should come loose while removing the grille and disconnecting the fan. If there are any wires connecting the fan to the main board, their sequence should be remembered so that they can be reconnected later.


Sometimes the air conditioner may not turn on at all due to a tripped or a broken fuse. The fuse is simple enough to be replaced by anyone. Instructions to replace fuses are mentioned in the manual. Hence, before calling a technician, it is advisable to check if there is a fuse problem.


Another common problem is the accumulation of water under the front portion of the air conditioner. This may be due to leakage of one of the ducts. Simple replacement solves the problem and instructions are mentioned in the manual.