Now Get 6 Hour Sleep With Natural Sleep Tonic

It can be really hard to go without sleep for a single night for any normal person. So it is evident that patients with insomnia suffer limitlessly throughout their life. With the absence of any other remedies, they turn to the sleeping pills. All the sleeping pills are normally addictive in nature and are harmful to the body and the nervous system. So the best solution is the sleep tonics that are made of natural ingredients and will help anyone with a good night’s sleep. Even if sometimes mild chemicals are used in some of the tonic none of them is harmful and are only used to intensify the effect of the natural ingredients.

Still you should always try to find a sleep tonic that is entirely made of natural ingredients and will help you to get your 6 hour sleep. The most active ingredient that is found in such tonic is chamomile that is known for its relaxing properties. The sedative effects of chamomile make it a perfect choice for these sleep tonics. Many research has been made on chamomile and its properties, and it has been found that a constituent called apigenin is present in chamomile that aids in sleep.

The apigenin bind to the GABA receptors that are present in the brain and create a mild response that sedates the body and calms the nerves. It is said by the scientists and doctors that this response is similar to the way the brain responds to the anti-anxiety pills. This is the reason for the widespread use of chamomile in sleep tonics. GABA is the most commonly found amino acid in the human body. It plays an important role in the functioning of the nervous system. This is why chamomile reacts so fast once it goes inside the body.

This is why the tonic also contains magnesium that is also important for the function of the GABA receptors. The next most used component in these natural sleep tonics is the 5 HTP, which is an extract of a plant. It is found in the seeds of the plant and is extracted by these medicine companies for using them in sleep tonics. It is said to be hugely effective in treating depression which is why it has a calming effect on the nerves when consumed. Another important component that you will find in sleep tonic is melatonin. It is being used for a long time to cure insomnia and any kind of sleep disorders.

Especially blind people can take such tonic that have a high percentage of melatonin to cure their sleep-related problems. In case you have insomnia as a withdrawal syndrome then melatonin will be really effective in driving away your insomnia. Even surgical patients who are still recovering can use melatonin and sleep properly. People who suffer from anxiety will also benefit from these types of sleep tonic. You will also find plenty of mangosteen extracts in this type of tonic that are combined with lemon extracts. All the components of such tonic are renowned for effectiveness in curing sleep-related problems.