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Manufacturers of screen printing presses and equipment. Supplying pad printing machines, inks, consumables and ancillary equipment.


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Back in 1971 when John Mason, Tony Haywood and Sid Hollier created a company specifically to manufacture screens for use in industrial screen printing, it would have taken a very creative imagination to predict the numerous different directions Mascoprint would head off into, or the incredibly diverse range of customers who would eventually be calling on its services.


Today Mascoprint is one of the most respected names in the UK screen printing industry – our experience and expertise has developed print solutions for hundreds of customers and delivered exactly the right print consumables to thousands more.


Experience and knowledge are two key words when defining today’s Mascoprint. Ian Mason, son of the founder, has been with the company since 1974, and Yvonne Mason has been been involved since 1979. Other team members are also hugely experienced and contribute to the pool of priceless knowledge and expertise.


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