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Team building is an exceptional way to get a team working together, for group skills, communication, bonding and of course a healthy serving of inter-team competition!

Team Building Exercises or Corporate Away Days are important not simply for the euphoric feeling of the immediate experience or the ‘Thank You’ that the action of taking your team out for the day shows ten times over what an email saying ‘thanks’ could do. Team building is also an exceptional way to get a team working together, for group skills, communication, bonding and of course a healthy serving of inter-team competition!

The activity itself is really the vehicle that provides a means to an end- a high-impact learning experience. But choosing your activity as one that is belly-aching-laugh good fun is definitely an advantage for the longevity status of the memory for your team. An activity where everyone has the opportunity to shine rather than just the sport-Billy-Ironman-Triathlete or the employee with the IQ of 130 is a must to ensure everyone joins in and nobody feels embarrassed by their performance. With the success of almost every business dependent upon the effectiveness of the teams within it and the individuals who build those teams, the main goals of a day out of the office must be for the improvement of productivity and also to motivate.

The away-day, cut back to basics, helps groups to break down political barriers, put aside personal differences, take away distractions- emails, computers, phone and Facebook, and simply have some fun.

We find that some of the main benefits of a day of team building on site here at Armourgeddon are; finding and identifying a team’s strengths and weaknesses, improving a group’s ability to problem solve, to improve productivity, take down barriers that then allows free flow of conversation which in turn allows for clearer definition of goals and objectives, understanding and development of processes and procedures and discussing the barriers to just ‘getting it done’ be that barriers that stop creativity, physical barriers such as office lay out or emotional barriers such as relationship issues.

Once the budget is set and you have decided upon the date of the team building day/ 2-days/ away day, the next question must be- where to go? Well, we have the simple answer to that. Come and spend you time with us! An hour on the train from central London, less than an hour from Birmingham, Cambridge, Sheffield or Nottingham, we are ideally located for an in-one-day trip. With the city of Leicester 30 minutes away or towns with all the entertainment a team may need for a night out 15 minutes away, reasonably priced accommodation for a variety of different requirement levels a stones-throw from us, Armourgeddon is not just the best fun you can have in a field with your team, but it’s convenient too.


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