Tey Por Yee - Know And Get Inspired From His Life

 Here we are going to talk about the most popular and innovative businessman who has set various examples for all. Yes, if you would like to become a very famous businessman without any knowledge and power, better check out the history of this famous personality we are going to talk about.

You might heard the name of Dato tey por yee who is one of the popular, innovative and intelligent investor has made his first investment in 1990’s. Don’t think that he was the son of the financially strong and rich family, but still he has made everything possible for him. He was not financially stronger at all as well as drop college exactly like Bill gates and mark zuckerberg. He was very interested in doing business and become a rich person and he did the same.

Tey Por Yee is the best example for us and he has started his career as a businessman. In his starting career, he has started a very small business and invested in collectibles. Whatever the money generated from the same, later he has re-invested the same in the technology start-ups and this way he stepped up the success ladder. At the age of 26, Tey has already invested around 7 start up businesses and gain amazing rate of return which helped him the most to become popular and wealthy.

Not only this, Larry Tey Por Yee was also interested in investing in some joint ventures and joined up the same to get great money. Not only this, apart from the investment, he was very successful in working as a advisor in cross border merger and acquisitions and earned amazingly well. You might don’t believe, but in 2012, Tey was in the news for his amazing investments in more than 1,000 companies in the 5 continents, which has never ever seen before. Yes, he was become very famous investor and with the mind of his amazing investment he has earned so well deserving position, which can’t be obtained so easily at all.

With the idea of fact of investing and re-investing Dato Tey Por Yee has earned great amount of income and secured his great future. He is the one who has established Nexgram holdings Berhad in 2003 in Malaysia and turned it as a conglomerate after acquiring Sensorlink and other various businesses into one company.

Tey Por Yee venture capital programs run so well and his activities never stopped at all. He continuously did various reforms and earned amazing popularity not only within the nation, but internationally. He tried his luck in various new businesses, including- Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, along with the 12 representative offices in all over the world. Moreover, Nexgram is expecting the best ever turnover which is around $1 billion by the end of the year 2020, which is something huge and we should definitely learn a lot from this common man turned billionaire.