The Dual Advantage Of Mobile Phone Case Protection

Smartphone are beautiful, and the best part is that they protect your device from scratches and dust. The material in them guards your otherwise delicate screen from damages. You can handle the phone without fearing for its safety. A protective cover saves the phone but what about the radiations. Every mobile uses radiation to connect to the tower the radio signal emits radiation that is not good for you. With these devices becoming your necessity by the minute, the option of discarding them does not exist. They are not luxuries anymore, but your tool to connect with the world.


Solution at its best

The solution lies in procuring a safety guard that ensures that radiations stay away from you. An ideal cover should be much more than protection for your phone. It should protect you from the radiations. It should be lightweight and trendy in appearance so that you can carry them around. A flip cover ensures that the screen stays away from dust, and the design should be modeled to ensure clarity of voice while on the call. The phone stays and looks new, and you can feel free to place it anywhere without the fear of scratches. 

Smooth flow of signal

One concern that comes with the use of the case is the signal problem. The phone uses radiation for signals and blocking them can cause signal and network coverage issues. When you are using Mobile Phone Case Protection, it never interferes with your signal. It never obstructs signals but sends back the radiation. When you place a radiation meter in front of an uncovered phone, the radiation levels peak dangerously, even when there are no calls and the phone is lying idly. On covering it with a protective case, the radiation levels drop significantly to near zero. The materials used in the product exhibit proprietary shielding properties that do not let the radiation come in.

Reflect it back

Technology that is used in Cruz Cases allows it to reflect back the powerful radiations back to the tower. The mechanism uses a powerful radio signal that comes out of the front of the device and then passes through your head to connect with the mobile tower. The advanced innovation reflects the signal instead of passing it through the phone. It ensures that you get unbarred signal while safety prevails. In case you want to understand in details then For more information visit and learn about the advanced features of the device. The case is effective and allows long usage. It is durable and can withstand regular usage without a scratch.

Say it with style

Design of these materials enhances the look of your phone. It is easy to use and install. When you opt for Mobile Phone Case Protection, ensure that you place the lid between you and the device every time you are on call. All you need is to snap the case on your phone; the flip cover can be removed easily in case you are viewing something over the device. You can carry it in your pocket with the covers on and as it does not allow radiation. With the cover, you can look forward to a safe use.