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Are there really several things to do in Scotland? You bet there are. Scotland is a wonderful country to visit with a ton of places to see and visit. You will not find yourself running away from Scotland, but once you experience the country, you will never feel like leaving it. If you have put “visiting Scotland” on your bucket list, you must travel to the country so you can cross it off your list.

However, as we said before, after visiting the country, you will add, “visit Scotland one more time, back on your bucket list. Before you book a flight to Scotland, you should educate yourself on the rich history of the country as well other aspects of Scotland that may influence your decision to head there such as the weather. Now, the country is known for its extreme weather, but that should not throw you off too much. When visiting the country, your primary focus should be on the different things to do in Scotland, as you can always bundle up in a jacket and head out to explore the country, but remember to take your umbrella, as it can get extremely rainy.

At times, Scotland will feel like something out of a medieval fairytale with castle ruins sitting on top of hilltops. Are you adding castles to your must-see list? If yes, you should add the Eilean Donan, a 13th century castle restored in the 20th century, the Edinburg Castle is the country’s most popular and most frequently visited castle, the Culzean Castle consists of battlements, turrets, forests, and gardens, and the Castle Fraser was featured in the Helen Mirren movie The Queen to your list. When you are walking down the street, you will hear the lovely music streaming from the instruments of musicians. If possible, you should attend professional performances with an entire band wearing their traditional dress and playing bagpipes.

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