5 Great Places to Meet a Man

Ladies, are you desperate to discover how to meet a man?  If you are struggling to find those seemingly rare men who are attractive and single; it could be you are not looking in the right places.  In order to give you some helpful pointers we have compiled a list of 5 guaranteed places on how to meet men.

Music Clubs

The next Saturday you have free you should invite a group of your close girlfriends out to a club that host live music nights.  Men can be found in droves at these places whether it’s on stage as a member of a band or sitting/standing in the audience having a couple of drinks and enjoying the night’s entertainment.  The only real downside is that in this type of venue is the noise level.  However if you keep the conversation light, it shouldn’t go too badly.

Business Conferences

If you run a small to medium business and have been putting off doing the laborious task of networking; procrastinate no more.  Why?  Business conferences and trade events are full of ambitious, smart and highly motivated men whom you can spend time talking with about business.  Once you have established common ground on business interests, you could ask them how they got to where they are now.  By doing this you will not only learn any ambitions they have for the future but also about their education and life path. 

Blood Drives

Even if the Red Cross don’t share this kind of information, I’m sure all ladies would agree that any man who gives up his blood for another is a perish act of kindness and could be the sign of good boyfriend material.   Regardless if you actually meet a man worth pursuing, you will still have contributed to society. 

Male-Orientated Bars

Instead of going to those fancy bars, as you are more likely to find cold women and snarky men, go to bars that are not shabby but, not posh ether.  Here you will find solid and very relaxed men.  Sports bars can be a fun option too as you can break the ice with some super-hot gentleman by challenging him to a game of table football, football, darts or even pool.

The Internet

In the past, the only people who used online dating were agoraphobics and computer geeks.  Nowadays though, things have changed and there are now millions of normal, pleasant and most importantly, single men just a click of the mouse away.  The internet is fast becoming the best way bar none to meet new people, because you have the opportunity to sit in your home and browse through a large amount of people at once.   It should go without saying that you be sure to read many of the dating ads with a pinch of salt, as online daters have been known to exaggerate to various degrees.  Just because someone has described themselves as fit and/or tall, does not mean that’s what they actually are.

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