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A trip to the District 6 museum is one of the best things to do in Cape Town if you wish to explore the rich historical heritage of this city. The museum was built to serve as a memorial to the events that took place in the apartheid era and to preserve the history and culture of District 6 before it was destroyed from the face of the earth.

District 6 was the sixth municipal district of Cape Town, originally established as a peaceful mixed community of merchants, freed slaves, labourers, immigrants and artisans in the year 1867. It was a beautiful and vibrant centre that had close links to the city and its port.

However, the process of marginalization and removals began in the early twentieth century when black South Africans were forcefully displaced in the year 1901. And during the 70’s, under the apartheid regime, more than 60,000 of the inhabitants of District 6 had to relocate to barren outlying areas, the Cape Flats. Houses and shops were then flattened and removed by bulldozers.

To preserve the great memories of the vibrant centre, the District 6 Museum Foundation was established, showcasing an impressive and wide collection of historical materials including paintings, physical remains such as street signs and artifacts.

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