How To Clean And Use Canon Image Prograf Ipf600 PF-03 Print Head Cleaner

Printing can be easy and useful if your printer functions well and does not block often. To keep your printers smoothly operating you have to clean the printer head regularly as a blocked printer can affect the quality of the print as well as the functionality and its performance. Blockage in a printer can be caused primarily by the dried ink which has not been used for a long time. This not only leads to poor printing but also causes a lot of wastage of ink and paper. If kept unattended for long then it might eventually damage the printer on the whole. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to clean a clogged head of a printer as soon as possible.

There are several head cleaners available in the market, and you just have to find the most suitable and the best product to use it for cleaning. You will also need some other materials apart from a Canon Image PROGRAF iPF600 PF-03 Print Head Cleaner for effective cleaning. You must keep cotton swabs, hot water and also a bottle of Isopropyl alcohol for the purpose of cleaning. You have to follow some specific steps also to clean your printer head properly. Remember that most printers come with built-in programs which allow the printer itself to go through the entire self-cleaning mode. 

If you find that your printer has such self-cleaning functionality built within then, you start the cleaning with just a push of a button. There can be some printers that have self-cleaning modes which have to be done through a program on your computer. For this, you have to go to the ‘Printers and Faxes’ folder on your computer when you open the maintenance option of your printer. There you will find ‘Cleaning’ as well as ‘Deep Cleaning’ modes. Click the one required to clean your printer head.       

If you find that the self-cleaning mode is not very effective, you can opt for the ‘Test Print’ option or turn off the printer overnight to soften the ink in it. When you test print the next morning, you might see the change. If you see that the cleaning has not been to the desired effect, then you can now start cleaning it manually. To do that, you must remove the cartridge of the printer and gently wipe the printer head with the help of the cotton swab moistened with the head cleaner or hot water. Doing this repeatedly will soften the dried ink in the cartridge and improve the quality of the print.

If the printer head is fitted in the printer, then you can put a few drops of the head cleaner solution in the receptacle of the ink so that it reaches to the printer head while running the self-cleaning mode. If you find even this is not working properly, then remove the printer head, soak it in the head cleaner solution overnight then run the self-cleaner mode the next day after fitting it in duly cleaning and drying it with damp paper towel. Nine out of ten instances, your printer will work again nicely but if it still does not, contact a qualified technician.