The Essential Facts About Erp Software And Expectations

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about enterprise resource planning software or ERP software. There are so many companies offering tailor-made solutions for your business and the manner in which it is presented, it appears that your business has no prospect without ERP solutions. The idea is partly true; partly because there are innumerable SME’s doing well without ERP and there are many lean and thin SME’s throwing challenge to their big brothers because of ERP. So, it boils down to the point that ERP will help to outpace others by dint of its inherent advantages.

It was long been felt that the long term goal of a business should be profit optimization instead of profit maximization, a direct fall out of game theory. To optimize business activities at all levels, starting from inventory control to order supply, you need erp software solutions or ERP in short. It has an amazing capacity; it can handle the entire supply chain management from start to finish and that too in real time. But, ERP is not a panacea, you must understand in clear terms what actually is your business need and then go for the solution. There are so many complaints of cost overrun and customer dissatisfaction only for this reason.

So it essentially boils down to your business requirements and selecting a suitable module for that. After jotting down your requirement, you have to search for a suitable vendor who will provide an appropriate software suit. Remember it’s a software suite which is scalable, means you do not require a platform that an industrial giant needs. You may be tempted to go for a big suite, but always ask yourself, do you really need it? It has nothing to do with what your competitors are opting, the decision has to be taken absolutely on your need. And this is true even if you are a cash rich company and using erp solutions dubai

Now, to implement ERP, you need to stick to certain practices, of course, you can customize your ERP solution with your existing practice, but it may require extensive customization. And most of the times, you will need technical expertise to do the job. It is a costly proposition, so it is better to change your practice and tune it as per your ERP requirement. It has also been seen and expected from the persons selling the product has some expertise, but you can’t expect them to be an expert in your business. So, during implementation and customization phase you need someone upfront who understands your business.

The next is whether the solution is available worldwide or not, the answer is yes. Suppose you have a supply chain or propose to establish a supply chain in Dubai and need specific, erp software Dubai, you can get it there. Dubai, is a very big business hub and there are plenty of suppliers who will be very much interested in your proposal. So don’t worry, go for the solution with the key understanding that this is not a fad nor a fashion statement, it is your requirement based on commercial decision.