Robbie Rothenberg Is Here With A Great Family To Support His Needs

You always want to look up for a personality, who is multitalented and even with a soft, warm heart. It is hard to find such people these days, but not anymore! A quick search will help you to come, up close and personal with Robbie Rothenberg; a legend in the field of real estate and with a great love towards Israel community. Due to his unending love towards this religion, he has been associated with so many charities and functions. A loving husband, a great father and an amazing businessman, Robbie is a wonderful inspiration in the field of real estate. So, it is mandatory to be a part of his community, to know more about the session.

Robbie is a fun loving guy, who resides in Woodmere, NY with his wonderful advocate wife Helena, and three successful daughters. Even though he is mostly known as a philanthropist and businessman, but he is considered to be a great achiever in family life. His biggest inspiration and achievement is his three daughters, who are alumnae of HAFTR Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Just like father and mother, these three daughters have showed their love and passion towards Israel community and the religion. They are even working hard to make Aliyah their final future destination.

The oldest daughter completed medical school at the Sackler School of Medicine. She is married to a person working in Tel Aviv Finance. His second daughter has reached the designation of director of the strategic initiatives at Aleph Beta Academy. This is an online startup educational program. Robbie and Helena’s third and youngest daughter is currently graduating from Queens College with a major in the field of mathematics. She is currently planning to enter the dental school. She is married to her husband, who is a physical therapist. So, now you know why Robbie is so proud of her daughters and their families.

Robbie ensures to focus more towards outreach, education and improving world at the greater stage. His unending love and passion towards Israel religion and community, acts like an icing on the cake. He has been part of various national, local and Israeli charities. He has separate charities, which are feeding the poor of Jerusalem, and even a separate sector, which is currently focusing towards a poorer section of the locality. He even volunteered for some of the Sar-El programs, which proves more that his unending love towards Israel is never going to fade.

There is a Jerusalem Yeshiva, which Robbie is known to be the founder of. This institution is meant for the high school graduates. However, you might be thinking that it becomes hard for a person to look at the institutions and charities all alone. But, the fact is, he is not alone, and his wife and daughters to help him out in every step, he takes. It is always a matter of great pride for him, to get support from his family. No matter in every step he takes, he knows that his family is here to back him up. He even takes care of needs of some special children along with their families.