Common Infections Which May Make Your Life Hell

Health problems and diseases always go hand in hand and from the same nobody is completely safe as well as skipping the same is very difficult. Here, we will talk about two diseases which can be easily transmitted and can affect a person seriously.

Chlamydia in men- the most common infection can be easily and promptly transmitted during sexual intercourse. It is very common in USA and a lot of men and women are suffering from this sort of infection, daily. Talking about men the Chlamydia bacteria can directly infect or affect their penis, eye area and anus. Once they will be affected a burning feeling during sex, while urinating man can have, as well as a lot of itching and redness one can easily get in the eyes. Also, if it is left untreated or a man ignored the same issue, it can be a very difficult situation for a woman to get pregnant. However, if you are getting such kind of symptoms, better run to the doctor and he will help in controlling the same.

Next is gonorrhoea, which can easily affect the lives of those who are sexually active all the time. It acts very similar like Chlamydia and can be sexually transmitted. A man and woman, both may suffer from the same and which should be treated without making any delay. Talking about gonorrhea symptoms in women, they may get never seen before and awkward vaginal discharge, which may be thick and contains color, a burning sensation all the day and especially passing the urine, all time pain in the lower abdominal area and various similar kind of things they can get. Similar kind of issues a man can get and may lead to various issues if not treated well.

Both the infections can be easily treated, all you need to go with the right doctor and follow the suggestions.