The Essentials Of Online Reputation Management And Its Protection

There is a growing concern over managing online reputation. Here we will try to clarify some important aspects of online reputation. It is evident from the term that it refers to the reputation management dubai of a person, company or an entity like an educational institute as reflected in the digital world and the way to manage it. In today’s world everything is online even you, if you use the e-mail service just search your name in any popular search engine and in no time it will return with its findings about you or your namesake. It can be good, bad or ugly, and here enters the concept of online reputation.

The first question you may ask is, why you should bother, of course, you can ignore it, but remember many duels were fought in the past for lesser reason and there is no way to ignore if you represent a company and the intention is to malign your company with an ulterior motive. It may be initiated by your competitor, a disgruntled customer or someone for mere fun. But it is not a fun-fare for you and you want to do something about it. So, this is the `why’ of online reputation management or ORM and from here starts the `how’ of it.

If the content is purely abusive or violates the law of the land, you can always, serve a legal notice to the website to remove the content. It will be removed provided the article appears to be inappropriate in terms of the program policies of the concerned website. The path becomes tricky if the content is not treated as abusive or inappropriate in their opinion. Moreover, it is getting increasingly difficult to get IP address of the abuser, because most of the time they hide their path through a maze of links and the only option is to fight it out legally. This means money and an avoidable waste.

It is always prudent to build up a better image than to engage in a long drawn proxy war to eliminate ghost warriors. A good image or branding creates a halo of its own and it gives a positive impact to everyone concerned. It can be done, but needs patience and there is no shortcut. Because, a good standing for a company is not dependent on what you are boasting about, it depends on your performance and how it is reviewed. A good review will boost your position depending upon the credibility of the reviewer.

The same is true for an individual. Individual performance is seldom reviewed in big magazines unless you are a celebrity or a big shot. So you build your image through social media. There are so many social media to create your profile through active participation. Remember, a rich contribution can boost your standing, but it’s a folly to use it casually. Posting biased ideas can invite trouble. Here, you are walking on razor’s edge; a slip can spell disaster. But, that is all about the game so use it judiciously, and best of luck!