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Brazil is one of the most famous countries in South America and occupies 47.3% of the total land area of South America. The history of the country dates back to the Pre-Cabraline era and has one of the earliest human remains to be found on the continent. The country was invaded by Portuguese, which is the reason why the country has a mixed race of people that make up the total population of 7 million people. Under the Portuguese rule the land was called Portuguese Empire and it is said that the first settlement was found in the area in 1532.

The country finally became an independent state on September 7, 1822. Before we learn about the things to do in Brazil, it is important to learn about the country’s geography. It occupies a large area of the eastern coast of the continent and shares its borders with Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela. It is the fifth largest country in the world and covers a total area of 8,515,767.049 km2. Since the country is so vast, it has four different time zones and is the only country in the world that falls on the equator.

The topography of the country is very diverse and consists of scrublands, plains, mountains, highlands, and hills. One interesting thing to do in Brazil is to visit the mountain range of the country that include Espinhaço, Guiana Highlands, Mantiqueira, and the Serra do Mar. The country also has a number of different rivers such as the Amazon, Iguaçu, Madeira, Negro, Paraná, São Francisco, Tapajós, and the Xingu.

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