Special Dental Care ByNadia KidermanFor People With Special Needs

If you thought that dental care is all about brushing, flossing and rinsing twice daily, then think again. There are people, young and old, who need special type of care for their teeth and you must know that dentists do take special care for such people. The people who need special care dentistry are generally with physical disabilities of any type who may find it difficult to get into a dental surgery or even sit in the dental chair for treatment. With the advancement of dental care techniques and procedures, such people are also not left behind.

You may also find people with learning disabilities who get over anxious at the thought of going to a dentist need special dental care. Also people who are suffering from severe medical problems might also need special care for their teeth. The dental teams and the dentists of the modern world are well equipped with all the modern tools and techniques to deal with such special people. Dentists can also visit homes and other special health centers if surgeries for such people cannot be arranged at their own clinics.All necessary arrangements for such special care aredone by the patient’s dentist or doctor.

During such arrangements the dental team should have all the information and knowledge about the history of the case. All the medications used and those which are ongoing must also be informed including regularly prescribed medicines from any doctor or even inhalers. You will also need to inform about the name of the hospital consultant or the family doctor along with any recent operations undergone or any specific allergies the patient may have currently. The concerns and anxieties of the patient, need for a translator or interpreter and all have to be informed to dentist work under informed situations.

The best time for treatment cannot be ascertained and fixed but generally it must be the time when it best suits the special patient. If the patient gets tired too easily then evening appointments may not be suitable and on the other hand if the patient remains anxious during the day then it is better to avoid any day appointments. There are also some patients who may rely heavily on routine checkups and therefore need regular appointments. When you take such patients to the treatment clinic you must see that it is easily accessible. Availability of wheelchairs, ground floor surgeries, and accessible pathways are some points you need to consider.

Medications for special care dental patients must also be in accordance to their need especially to provide medicines which are sugar free. Their allergies must be taken into consideration in this case specially. For people who have motor problems and cannot move their hands and arms properly, tooth brush should be given which are best suited with special hand grips and other adaptations. There are also electric toothbrushes available for people with mobility problems. All these special ways of dental care are well judged by reputed dentists like Nadia Kiderman according to the patient and then provided for the best result.