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South Carolina could be termed in the olden times as a slave state. The state joined the United States after the American Civil War. South Carolina has 46 counties and a total population of around 5 million people. South Carolina contains five different geographical areas. One of the amazing things to do in America is to enjoy the amount of climatic and geographic variations that can be observed throughout the country. The state has a mountainous portion as well as having a large area of coastal plains. There are many salt marshes in South Carolina.

The state is also home to some of the world’s finest natural ports such as the Charleston city. There are also many sand hills in the state which mark the region where the ocean was, millions of years ago. There are also many bays in Carolina and most of them have an oval shape. There are not many areas available for farming in the state and therefore most of the economy of the region depends on the production from coastal areas.

The fall line area marks the point where the rivers drop to the coastal region and had been a source of generating power in the olden times. One of the best things to do in America is to enjoy its water resources and the Chattooga River is excellent for rafting and attracts many visitors annually. Columbia is the capital of the state with a population of around 133,000. Lake Marion is the largest fresh water body in South Carolina and the state has a subtropical climate. The state is often affected by coastal storms but they are much less in intensity than storms experienced by more southerly states.

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