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Being the fourth largest continent in the world, South America has transformed into a haven for travelers from all over the globe. There are many fun things to do in South America. People refer to the southern section of the country as the Americas, the New World, and the Western Hemisphere. The continent is located in an ideal location with the Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Isthmus of Panama surrounding it.

Out of all the names people know the continent, the most well-known name is America. So, how did the continent receive its name? Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian navigator who is counted amongst the earliest explorers of the continent, stumbled upon South America. Originally, they only referred to South America as America, but soon began to use the term to refer to the entire landmass.

Tourism is certainly a big part of South America, which is why the continent sees several travelers from across the world visit it. In fact, it is become the primary source of income for several the countries there. For this reason, the countries have increased their tourism efforts.

Each country relies on their natural wonders, historical buildings and architecture, delicious food, and vibrant culture to entice people to come visit their country. What are some things to do in South America? South American has several notable locations that see a lot of foot traffic all year around, mainly from tourists. Some of the most of the frequented places in South American to visit include Iguazu Falls, Olinda, Machu Picchu, Recife, and the Amazon rainforest.

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