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EMBR offers businesses more than just ‘lead generation’ services. We have extensive experience from ‘the client side’ of marketing. Meaning we have sat in your seat and dealt with agencies before. We understand your hesitations, we understand you desire for ROI and we know how to add value in ways that others overlook.

We conduct the research to ensure you are not only generating the right leads for your business, but assist you in contacting them as effectively as possible and nurturing them for optimal conversion.

We understand that there is no one ‘cookie cutter’ solution for all. Every industry and business within that industry is unique and therefore we apply to each campaign.

The EMBR philosophy is quite simple. We apply experience, partnership, technical and industry knowledge to provide Marketing solutions that ignite growth in your business.

We work with you to ascertain what your ‘effective cost per acquisition’ price is per new client. We then work backwards from this price to source the right media and advertising to deliver you new clients below your cost per acquisition threshold.

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