Spas In Downtown NYC Provide Ultimate Luxury

Spas in Manhattan have been offering waxing therapies and spa services since a long time. They are among the foremost salons that have been presenting men and women with Brazilian wax services, as well as a full assortment of nail salon therapies. It is their experience and professional attitude that have helped them to take their place among premium day spas of Manhattan, NY. Voted as “The finest” spas of this city by the local review sites, they continue being esteemed by their loyal clients.  Their clients are inclined to take their services repeatedly since they find the spa treatments offered and their prices irresistible.

These spas are located in downtown Manhattan, and also in east midtown. The spa in downtown NYC offer diverse services. They offer Professional waxing and are specialized in Brazilian Bikini wax therapy for men and women. They also offer Electrolysis treatments for lasting hair removal, diverse conventional and avant-garde methods of pedicures and manicures, massage therapies that include deep tissue and reflexology massage and the most up-to-date and conventional facials. Besides the services mentioned above, they offer Microdermabrasion, Body treatments including body wraps, as well as scrubs and Anti-aging therapies.

The Waxing Spa in downtown Manhattan are now offering a grand Brazilian Wax deal. This is basically a Brazilian Wax Therapy Series that is designed for men and ladies and lets you get a free treatment on opting for five treatments.  It is among the most intelligent ways of saving money on the trendiest waxing services offered by such spas.  A thing to be noted is that this is an offer that is applicable for Brazilian wax services of such spas. You cannot combine this offer with any additional services or offer. Neither can you exchange it for credit or cash.

While Waxing in downtown Manhattan NY, you have the option of picking from a blend of spa services, which include facial, salon waxing, spa body therapy, and pedicure and manicure treatment. You have the option of picking from Hard Wax Brazilian Bikini and complete Leg Brazilian Bikini Azulene Wax. If you want to get a facial done, you can pick from the Caviar Facial and 24KT Gold Facial categories. For body treatments, you can opt from Fusion Massage and complete Body Scrub using Seaweed Wrap. If you want to get a pedicure and manicure done, you can pick from Dermal Wrap and Peppermint twist Pedicure and manicure.

These Flatiron Spa also offer specials designed exclusively for their clients. The purpose of such specials is two-fold purpose. They make spa treatments even more reasonably priced, and provide their clients with the opportunity to try out services that that have not been tried before at rates that are less than the full price. These Spa specials emphasize the philosophy that one and all must get the chance to try out a definite spa therapy at a cut-rate price. If you find a spa treatment to be ideal for you, you can return for more of this treatment at the affordable prices that the spas offer.