A plethora of benefits can be enjoyed with just three minutes of extreme cold temperature. Benefits such as prevention and care for cancerous cells, rejuvenation of cells and skin, relief from pain and muscle fatigue, improved sleep, better motor action and much more can be enjoyed. Therefore, Long Beach Cryotherapy can be said to be the rejuvenator for the body as well as the soul of any human being. The temperature stress that you would undergo is very short lived, less than three minutes which would be in liquid nitrogen or argon or carbon dioxide gas filled chamber having temperature several hundred below zero.  

When your body faces such extreme temperature the circulation of the blood is affected, and several hormones are released during that time. Dopamine, cortisol, and adrenaline are some which enable you to withstand pain, bear hunger and endure fatigue apart from the reduction in the inflammation of the injured cells and tissues. The changes in the body are brought due to the extremely cold temperature within the temperature which is the natural ability of any human body to adapt to the change in the surroundings. Your performance level increases, the metabolism of the body works better, and you lead a healthy life. 

Cryotherapy decreases inflammation when your muscle is either torn or twisted. It is the same principle like applying ice when you get hurt or sprain a muscle. The difference between such local application of ice on the affected area and cryotherapy is that it reduces the inflammation all over your body, inside as well as outside, so that the healing process is carried in in more than one place at the same time. It not only targets the affected nerves and tissues but also works on the vagus nerve which is the leader of your entire nervous system and oversees a wide range of complex functions and helps in proper and active communication among the nerves of all the organs.        

Your level of performance increases along with your body metabolism strengthening the muscles and the bone joints. This helps the athletes to restart their training program faster than any other traditional treatment policy followed as proper vasodilation is facilitated with the enriched flow of blood all through the body. The metabolism in increased as there is a lot of energy required to bring the body heat back to normal. You burn out approximately 800 calories of energy during the treatment which has to be restored.    

This results in relief from chronic pain which may even last for days and even longer. All these helps in boosting your happiness factor due to the release of endorphin in your blood and can feel the change in the mood as well. It reacts with the pain receptors of your body and reduces pain and due to the reduction of the cortisol you feel happier. It also increases the collagen in your skin reducing wrinkles, increasing the resilience of the skin and reduces fatty deposits and cellulite appearance in the skin making it glowing and beautiful once again.