Enjoy The Power Of The Coaching Game

The Coaching Game, one of the games developed by Factors of You is used by individuals, professionals and organizations around the globe. The coaching game is an exclusive encounter of motivation, learning and growth.


Specifications of the coaching game:

It is suitable for operating one-on-one or with a team. Life coaching cards are tended to let you skilled with team building.  This game is the best example any audience, content or operating method. It is excellent as an ice-breaker and for starting sessions, for powerful procedures, and as a concentrate for ideas in closing.

This is a hands-on device that goes beyond talking and creates it possible to touch on important problems in an effective and non-confrontational manner.  Use it to be unexpected but accurate creates self improvement a surprising, inspiring and innovative encounter. You can deal with online life coaching tools as well as training and development tools to get expert for this game.

The Coaching Game kit:

  • An exclusive outdoor patio of 65 life coaching cards that display brilliant pictures taken by 200 international photography lovers. Each credit cards represents a subject and corresponding visible factor of view
  • A 165 page, full-color coaching book containing experiences, quotes and concerns from hundreds of viewpoints on each of the 65 topics
  • A Layout Process Chart with four coaching procedures to information discovery of specific issues
  • A coaching ticket notepad to record and review ideas and action steps
  • A soft, but durable cloth package created from reprocessed, eco-friendly and eco-friendly materials

It comes with free access to online support, guidance, ideas and training on how to implement The Coaching Game for your coaching practice needs. There are many online platforms for life coaching tools as well as training and development tools. Such tools will skill you for being expert of this game and increase your team building skills.

Objectives of the game:

  • To release old styles and present a new, innovative approach that generates clear, quality communication between people
  • To increase our opinions allowing us to see things from different perspectives
  • To take a closer look at important subjects from our daily lives
  • To stop and ask myself concerns about my life
  • To discover where the encounter takes me and what problems rise following the encounter.

This description is due to its exclusive and innovative ability to quickly incorporate with any procedure theme and adjust to any work shop, team and individual procedure.

Every credit card in The Coaching Game outdoor patio presents a subject via a term labeling the subject, and an image that offers another perspective on the subject. Because each card holds both a term and an image, our tendency is to read the phrase, and thereby allocate a meaning to the picture; or on the other hand, to pay attention to the image and ignore the phrase.

With picture therapy concepts directing the selection of beautiful photos from beginner photography lovers all over the globe, each picture credit cards is open to a globe of understanding. Spread them out face up/down or information your customer to select arbitrarily.