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Uidea is dedicated to turning customers’ design into great products from prototyping, short-run manufacturing to final long-run production. Uidea is consisted of Uidea Rapid Prototype and Uidea Tool Tech.

Uidea Rapid Prototype China Co., Ltd. is fully funded by Uidea Tool Tech (HK) Company limited with two plants located in Shenzhen and Dongguan city of China. Uidea Rapid Prototype is one of the largest China prototype or China rapid prototype providers, equipped with 20+ CNC machines and other state-of-art machines for full plastic and metal rapid prototyping services and sheet metal prototyping or sheet metal fabrication.

Uidea Rapid Prototype is dedicated to turning customers’ concepts to reality by providing worldwide customers with a broad range of rapid prototyping services including CNC machining, sheet metal prototyping, custom sheet metal fabrication, stereolithography or SLA, vacuum casting, surface treatment, extrusion prototyping, reaction injection moulding, silk screen, pad printing, rapid tooling and rapid plastic injection molding etc.

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