Phuket Property Management - Your One-Stop Destination for Property Services in Phuket, Thailand

You want to rent a villa, sell your villa or you need someone who can take proper care and look after your property in Phuket – We are ready to serve your needs.

Our Property Services

Our 15 years of experience allows us to deliver high-quality services to clients from all around the world. We can successfully manage your Phuket property and ensure it is maintained as a preferable place for you to live in.

We consistently serve our clients and overcome their expectations by understanding their individual needs and meet their standards and requirements.

When it comes to renting Phuket villas, selling Phuket villas, cleaning and maintaining a property, Phuket Property Management is your number-one choice!

What Can We Do For You

  • Find the Perfect Home for you – Buying a new home requires a huge investment, and we completely understand that. We can help you find your dream home by offering you a huge variety of apartments, houses, condos, and Phuket villas for sale and rent.
  • Find the Ideal Vacation House – Allow us to take care of your accommodation while you are in Phuket, Thailand. We can offer you the best comfort and space according to your needs, budget, and standards.
  • Property Management – Our property management services include inquiries and reservations, rental agreements, preparing the property, marketing, rent collection and monthly statements, cleaning & housekeeping, repair and maintenance, and tenant relations.
  • General property care service
  • Check in / check out service
  • Maid and cleaning service
  • Exterior and interior check (entrance, landscaping, drainage, pools, woodwork, windows, floors, doors, electrical and water supply)
  • Reporting of any possible problem
  • Professional supervision of any maintenance work
  • 24/7 call service and emergency support
  • Pest Control
  • Insurance

Regardless of the type of property, you are looking for in Phuket - business office, luxury home, or a vacation villa for rent we can definitely assist you!

Get in touch with us and make your stay in Phuket as pleasant as possible! Phuket Property Management is here to offer you the best property consultation you need!