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Egypt is one of the oldest dynasties in the world that dates back to 3050 – 2890 BC. Arab Republic of Egypt is the official name of the country. The places that surround the country are Sudan, Gaza Strip, Libya, the Gulf of Aqaba, and the Red Sea in the south and east.

The Christian religion was common in the first century, but it transformed into an Islamic country later in the 7th century. With the richness of culture and history, there are a number of exciting things to do in Egypt. Visiting the Egyptian pyramids is one of the things to do in Egypt. There are around 130 pyramids, which represents the tombs of the rulers in the ancient times. As they were strong believers of afterlife, they preserved the bodies of pharaohs in the form of mummy.

Once you are done exploring the historical monuments, buildings, mosques, parks, and pyramids, you can enjoy the luxury of the cuisines the place has to offer. The restaurants are located under the palm trees with the view of river, which adds to the ambiance.

If you are a foodie, then one of the thrilling things to do in Egypt is the food adventure, where you can have a taste of the food items that are unique and scrumptious, which include dried fava bean stew, koshari, ful mudammas a lot more. From riding camel in Giza to going for a dine in Muhammad National Park and exploring SeaWorld, to racing at the Ghibli Raceway - there are a number of thrilling things to do in Egypt for all the adrenaline junkies.

The fourth largest tower of the world called Cairo Tower can also be found in this beautiful place. From there, tourists can enjoy the skyline of the city of Egypt, Cairo. Other places to visit are the Hanging Church, Coptic Museum, Sultan Hassan Mosques, and the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, who was the Viceroy of Egypt and brought great reforms in Egypt.

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